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Root cause analysis is another critical tool used in advanced incident investigation. Root cause analysis aims at identifying underlying causes rather than just immediate causes of accidents/incidents so that they can be addressed effectively.

Several methods are used in root cause analysis, such as the 5-Whys technique, where investigators repeatedly ask why questions until they reach an accident’s root cause. Another method is the Fishbone diagram, where investigators identify possible causes of an incident and categorize them into categories such as people, process, equipment, environment, or management.

Advanced incident investigation and root cause analysis are essential for preventing the recurrence of incidents. By identifying the underlying causes of incidents, organizations can implement corrective actions to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. Disciplinary actions may include changes in policies, procedures, training programs, or equipment upgrades.

Furthermore, advanced incident investigation and root cause analysis can help organizations improve their safety culture by promoting a proactive approach to safety. Safety culture refers to the shared values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that influence how people think about security in an organization. A positive safety culture promotes open communication about safety issues and encourages employees to report near-misses or hazards without fear of retribution.