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Please, let me analyze this plans carefully!

Going to doctor appointments with the care recipient can help you stay on top of which medicines are prescribed and why they are needed.

Discuss the plan of care with each provider on a regular basis:

  • Learn as much as you can about the care recipient’s health conditions.
  • Bring a list of all prescribed medicines, and those bought without a prescription, including supplements and herbs, to each provider appointment. If possible, bring the pill bottles with you to show the provider. Talk with the provider to make sure the medicines are still needed.
  • Find out what condition each medicine treats. Be sure you know what the dosage is and when it should be taken.
  • Ask which medicines need to be given every day and which are used only for certain symptoms or problems (also called “prn use”).
  • Check to make sure the medicine is covered by your loved one’s health insurance. If not, discuss other options with the provider.
  • Write down any new instructions and make sure both you and your loved one understand them.

Be sure to ask the provider all of your questions about the medicines your loved one takes.