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The PLATO system was launched in 1960. It was initially built by the University of Illinois and later commercialized by Control Data Corporation. Among its early features was TERM-talk, which allowed users to send instant messages. It also launched various social media apps such as Talkomatic, Notes, and News Report.

ARPANET, which was first introduced in 1967, served as the beginning of the nongovernment/business communication era. It developed a rich cultural exchange between the various ideas and organizations that were involved in its creation.

Before the advent of the BBS, the Community Memory bulletin board system was already circulating in 1973. Many cities had already had more than one electronic BBS device.

The IBM PC was first introduced in 1981. The following models would later be released. Many people would also start using the Internet simultaneously.

Message forums (BBSes) became prevalent throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

During this period, thousands of BBSes were created in North America alone. As  the World Wide Web became widely available, message forums migrated to the Internet.

Advancements in digital imaging and semiconductor technology enabled the rise of social media. The creation of the NMOS and the complementary MOS sensors by Olympus in 1985 led to the mass production of CMOS image sensors for digital cameras and smartphones.