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In addition to these theories, several key concepts in international relations are worth discussing. One such concept is sovereignty – the idea that states have supreme authority within their borders and should not be subject to external interference without their consent.

Another essential concept is globalization – the process by which economies, societies, and cultures become increasingly interconnected across national borders. Globalization has profoundly impacted world politics by creating new opportunities for cooperation and new challenges like transnational terrorism or environmental degradation.

Finally, we should mention multilateralism – working with other countries to achieve common goals. Multilateralism is often seen as promoting peace and stability by reducing the likelihood of conflict between states.

International relations is a complex field that involves many theories and concepts. Realism, liberalism, and constructivism are some of the most influential ideas. At the same time, sovereignty, globalization, and multilateralism are vital concepts that help us understand how countries interact with each other in the global arena. By studying these theories and ideas, we can gain a deeper understanding of world politics and work towards creating a more peaceful and prosperous future for all nations.