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Hands, logistics and box for special delivery, cargo or handle with care in transport or shipping.

what you will learn

In an advanced manual handling and moving course, you can expect to learn:

  • Principles of ergonomics and biomechanics related to manual handling
  • Techniques for assessing and controlling manual handling risks
  • Advanced lifting and carrying techniques for different loads and environments
  • Strategies for preventing and managing musculoskeletal injuries during manual handling tasks
  • Effective use of manual handling equipment and aids
  • Understanding the legal responsibilities and regulations related to manual handling
  • Ergonomic considerations for optimizing workstations and equipment design
  • Strategies for promoting a safe manual handling culture in the workplace
  • Communication and teamwork skills for coordinating manual handling activities
  • Training on specific manual handling tasks, such as lifting heavy objects or moving awkward loads
  • Practical exercises and simulations to apply the learned techniques and assess competency
  • Strategies for maintaining personal fitness and health to minimize manual handling risks
  • Recognition and management of potential hazards and obstacles during manual handling operations
  • Documentation and reporting requirements for manual handling incidents and near-misses
  • Continuous improvement strategies for ongoing manual handling risk assessment and control.


Advanced manual handling and moving training is beneficial for various individuals and professionals who regularly engage in manual handling tasks or supervise such activities. Some key individuals who can benefit from this training include:

  • Warehouse and logistics personnel involved in loading and unloading goods
  • Healthcare workers, including nurses, nursing aides, and caregivers who assist with patient transfers and movement
  • Construction workers who handle heavy materials and equipment
  • Manufacturing and assembly line workers involved in lifting and moving products
  • Occupational health and safety professionals responsible for risk assessment and management
  • Supervisors and managers overseeing manual handling activities in their workplace
  • Physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists working with patients on movement and mobility
  • Fitness trainers and coaches who guide clients through exercise routines involving weights and resistance
  • Individuals involved in sports or recreational activities that require manual handling and movement
  • Delivery personnel and movers engaged in transporting goods and furniture
  • Individuals interested in improving their personal knowledge and skills in safe manual handling practices.

It is important to note that the specific requirements for advanced manual handling and moving training may vary depending on the industry and regulatory standards of a particular country or region.

Career Opportunities:

Obtaining advanced knowledge and skills in manual handling and moving can open up several career opportunities in various industries. Some potential career paths and job roles related to advanced manual handling and moving include:

  1. Health and Safety Manager: You can pursue a career as a health and safety manager, responsible for developing and implementing policies and procedures related to manual handling and ensuring compliance with safety regulations in the workplace.
  2. Ergonomics Specialist: With expertise in advanced manual handling techniques and ergonomic principles, you can work as an ergonomics specialist, assessing work environments and providing recommendations to optimize the design of workstations and equipment to minimize the risk of injuries.
  3. Occupational Health Advisor: Occupational health advisors provide guidance and support to employers and employees on workplace health and safety issues, including manual handling. You can help develop training programs, conduct risk assessments, and advise on safe manual handling practices.
  4. Training and Development Officer: You can work in the field of training and development, designing and delivering advanced manual handling courses for organizations. This role involves educating employees on proper lifting techniques, risk assessment, and implementing safe manual handling practices.
  5. Manual Handling Consultant: As a manual handling consultant, you can provide specialized expertise and advice to organizations on manual handling risk assessments, developing control measures, and implementing effective manual handling systems to improve workplace safety.
  6. Rehabilitation Specialist: With advanced knowledge of manual handling techniques, you can work as a rehabilitation specialist, helping individuals recover from injuries and regain their mobility. You may assist with developing personalized exercise programs and providing guidance on safe movement and lifting practices.
  7. Health and Safety Officer: Health and safety officers play a crucial role in monitoring and promoting safe working practices in various industries. Your expertise in advanced manual handling and moving can be valuable in this role, ensuring compliance with regulations and implementing preventive measures.
  8. Warehouse and Logistics Manager: In industries such as warehousing and logistics, your advanced manual handling skills can make you a desirable candidate for managerial roles. You can oversee the safe and efficient movement of goods, implement best practices, and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.
  9. Construction Site Supervisor: Construction sites often involve manual handling of heavy materials and equipment. By acquiring advanced manual handling knowledge, you can work as a site supervisor, ensuring that proper techniques are followed, and providing guidance to workers to minimize the risk of injuries.
  10. Self-Employment and Consulting: With expertise in advanced manual handling and moving, you have the option to start your own consultancy or training business, offering specialized services to organizations and individuals seeking guidance on safe manual handling practices.

These are just a few examples of the career opportunities that can be pursued with advanced knowledge and skills in manual handling and moving. The specific opportunities available may vary depending on the industry, location, and individual preferences.


This course does not require participants to have a specific entry requirement. Those who are comfortable with Level 3 work can sign up.

Course Duration & Online Support

Duration depends on the learner’s ability to cope with the pace and scope of the course. Self-study allows participants to complete the course at their own pace. Support extensions are also available if students fail to do so within that period.


To successfully complete the course, students are required to complete various tests and assessments. You may be required to get a link from our Training Provider. Your test will be reviewed and graded by our system. You may attempt only twice.

Get a Completion Certificate.

La Plage Meta Verse is an Accredited CPD Provider. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to gain an international Accredited Certificate. Share your certificate with prospective employers and your professional network on all social media platforms.

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